Easy Property Care — Better than a Leaf Bagger


Maintain your property with our better leaf and grass bagger


Picture this: A Beautiful, Clear Lawn, All Year Long 

Your grass shining green, and debris free, while you sip on a cold beverage in the afternoon. Instead of spending all day struggling to keep your property clear you can fill your time with things you actually enjoy doing. Think this sounds too good to be true? The Cyclone Rake is the leaf collection system that will allow you to do just that.

Two-Property-sizes What really makes the Cyclone Rake different?

Each Cyclone Rake has been expertly engineered to bring you five different models specific to whatever your needs may be. Whether you have a quarter of an acre and are looking for some leaf clean up around the edges, or you’re being overwhelmed by leaves and other debris covering your 10+ acre estate – there’s a model to make quick work of your lawn.

Each Cyclone Rake connects to the rear of your tractor or mower with a dual pin hitch—a completely unique design from other leaf baggers on the market. Why is this important? Not only does it make it impossible to jackknife the Cyclone Rake when you’re backing up, it all but eliminates the opportunity for clogging. This dual pin hitch allows us to use the shortest, and straightest length of deck hose possible. Ridding the hose of the twists and turns seen in other machines the debris can pass through the deck hose of the Cyclone Rake without any trouble. No more having to stop every 10 minutes to clear a clog.

never jacknife grass bagger

Cyclone Rake 2-point Hitch - Backing up is Safe and Easy

back up your leaf bagger without jackknifing

Back up Easily - It Never Jackknives

Shorter deck hose equals less clogging

The Shortest and Straightest Deck Hose for Clog-Free Performance

When you’re looking for leaf pickup equipment you want something that’s going to be able to handle everything you can throw at it, all year long. Not just in the fall. Whether it’s the spring and you’re cleaning up a mess left over from winter, summer and you’re gathering lawn clippings while you mow, or fall and you’re clearing the hoards of leaves you’re bombarded with every year, the Cyclone Rake will never let you down.

Collect all your grass in this huge grass bagger

Easily Collect Grass Clippings from Overgrown Fields

The ultimate leaf bagger

Bag All of Your Leaves in Fewer Trips

It's a 415 Gallon Leaf Bagger

The Cyclone Rake Collects up to 415 Gallons of Grass and Leaves