Easy Flow Unloading




Unload Less Often and Finish Sooner

With our large capacity bags, you can stop wasting time with low volume baggers and lawn sweepers. The Cyclone Rake is compact, but it can hold a tremendous amount of leaves, grass and other lawn debris. With capacities ranging from 200 gallons with the Cyclone Rake Classic all the way up to 415 gallons with the Commercial PRO, Cyclone Rake XL and Z-10, there’s plenty of room to get any leaf and lawn cleanup job done fast. Visit the Cyclone Rake Comparison Chart for more information on all five Cyclone Rake leaf vacuum models.

Easy-Flow_Unloading_1Let Gravity Do The Work

We let gravity do the work, not your back. All Cyclone Rake collector units lift to a full 60 degrees and lock safely in place to unload. The tapered shape of our Easy-Flow Unloading System  on the Commander, Commercial PRO, XL, and Z-10 lets the debris fall out much more easily. Its not available on any other lawn vacuum on the market. Simply back up to your compost site, lift and lock the collector and drive away. Some other products don’t lift high enough to dump; you have to drag the contents out with a rake. Many don’t lock into place either so unloading them can be a real chore.

If you want even more convenience and flexibility, check out our Power Unloader and the Power-Lift Unloader which make this part of the job easy, and allow you to put your mulch and debris right where you want it with little effort.