1.How to apply the discounts for product categories
2.How to apply discount using coupon codes
3.How to apply cumulative discount

How to apply the discounts for product categories

Use case:
Apply a 5% discount for all Aftermarket parts and accessories

Steps to follow:

Step1: Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

Step2: Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

Step3: Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

Step4: Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

Step5: Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

How to apply discount using coupon codes

Use case 1:

Apply 10% discount using coupoun code for the products under Earthbox categories

1. Navigate to

2. Select the Marketing menu and click on the Discount option as described above

3. Enable the required coupon code option to apply the discount using a coupon code. Once you enable it, a coupon codes tab will appear next to the Discount info page

4. Click on the coupon code tab and click the ADD NEW RECORD then type the required coupon code and save.


5. Click on the APPLIED TO CATEGORIES tab then click ADD NEW CATEGORY button


6. Search the category name and select it, then click the save button


Use case 2: Apply coupon code to the product

1. Navigate to

2. Add any of the Earthbox products to the cart.Click go to cart

3. Click on enter your coupon here button

6. Add the coupon code and click on Apply coupon button. 

7. The applied amount will be available on the checkout page.

How to apply cumulative discount

Procedure for applying 2 or more promo codes for the same product

1. Navigate to admin>marketing>discounts

2. After creating 2 or more discounts for the same product, we can use the two different promo codes for the same product.

Note: Please refer above procedure for creating the discount with the coupon code

3. We have to enable the cumulative with other discount options for both discounts





4. We can apply the 2 coupon codes for the same product and the cumulative discount amount will be shown.