Empty the Heaviest Loads
with the Push of a Button

Super-powerful electric actuator with heavy-duty motor, ball bearings and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum power shaft. Meets International Electrotechnical Commission IP 66 specifications for complete seal against wash down, rain, and mud.

Rugged, remote hand control with all-weather coil
cord and storage holster. Lets you operate the
Cyclone Master in a convenient standing-up position, with finger-tip remote control for lifting, stopping and lowering.

Precision charge monitor circuit with jeweled-bearing meter tells you at a glance the charge condition of your battery. So you’ll always know your lawn and leaf vacuum will have power for the job.

Self-contained long-life deep cycle storage battery requires no electrical connection to your leaf and lawn vacuum. Eliminates the trouble and risk of connecting to your mower’s electrical system. Handles up to 40 loads on a single charge.

Includes processor-controlled intelligent charger that provides rapid battery charging, then a gradual trickle charge for perfect battery conditioning.

Cyclone Master Power Lifter

Cyclone Master Power Lifter unloads the collector with no lifting at all

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Powerful and easy to use with added convenience features.

Power to lift even the heaviest collectors like the 415 gallon XL.

Rugged, remote hand control with all-weather coil cord for easy operation.

Unload 25 to 40 full collector loads without needing to recharge the battery.