The Cyclone SuperHauler Difference

Superior Engineering for Ease & Durability

The Cyclone SuperHauler packs an amazing list of features into this compact and powerful workhorse. Take a tour through this powered wheelbarrow's lineup of industry leading features, all designed to make your toughest jobs easy.

What's Inside? We're Glad You Asked!



A. Briggs InStart Engines
Powered by a Briggs & Stratton® InStart® overhead valve electric start engine with 8.75 ft. lbs. of torque. It does the work so you don’t have to. Made in the USA and include a ready-start feature – No choke required! Standard on all models. Push a button and go!

B. Lithium-ion Battery
Lithium-ion battery powered electric starting. Standard on all models.

C. "Deadman" Braking System
“Deadman” brake eliminates rollaway accidents. If your hands leave the controls, the commercial wheelbarrow stops and locks in place.

D. No Shift - Hydrostatic Transmission
Hydrostatic transmission, made in USA. Forward, neutral and reverse with a single smooth control – right from the handle bars. You can choose any speed you like, from inching in reverse to a fast walk forward– and anything in between.

E. Terra-Traction™
Terra-Traction locking differential drive eliminates wheel spin-out and gives full traction on the steepest slopes or in muddy or sandy terrain. Engages with a quick foot pedal tap, without taking your hands off the controls to get you up the steepest slopes where tractors won’t go, without wheel spin-out.

F. The Axle Shaft Carries the Weight
Load weight is carried by a separate axle shaft with heavy-duty ball bearings, instead of being supported by the transmission shaft. This reduces weight and strain on the transmission housing and prolongs the transmission life.

G. Heavy-duty Chains
Heavy-duty industrial alloy chain drive and sprockets for long life.

H. Quick-change Bins
Quick-change bin release requires no tools. Just flip two levers to change bins.

I. Easy Dumping
Dump release handles on both sides. No need to walk around to release.

J. Heavy-duty Powder Coat
Extra heavy powder coating on all key chassis components.

K. Load Stability
Four large pneumatic tires for complete load stability. Eliminates tip-over accidents common with wheelbarrows and three-wheel designs.