Cyclone Rake FAQs

Do you have questions before purchasing a Cyclone Rake?

Check out the list below to find the answers to many of the most popular questions asked when deciding to purchase any of our Cyclone family of products. However, if you do see the question or the answer you're looking for, click here to submit your question and one of our customer service team will get back to you as soon a possible.

Q: Why do I need to deflect my tractors exhaust? 
A: We understand that the Cyclone Rake is a huge investment, and we want to make sure that our customers know how to protect their Cyclone Rakes, so that they last for years to come.
When using the Cyclone Rake, please check what side the exhaust on your tractor or mower is on. If the exhaust is blowing towards the hose, you'll need to deflect the exhaust in a different direction. When hot exhaust is blowing on the hose, the combination of the head and vacuum pressure when the Cyclone Rake is on will cause the hose to melt and collapse on itself. You can check this handy tip sheet HERE for how to maintain the Cyclone Rake hoses.
Q: Where do I find my tractor or mowers full model number?
A: You can find the model number of your mower or tractor in a few locations depending on the manufacturer. The most common place to find the model number is under the seat. To find the model numbers for a specific manufacturer, you can check out this Model Number Locator.
Q: Do you sell in stores or through distributors?
A: For over 20 years we have sold all our Cyclone Rake leaf vacs, accessories and replacement parts factory-direct and here on Whether you call us or order online, you are in direct contact with the manufacturer (hey, that's us!) and this eliminates the markups of distributors and retailers. Call our Customer Service department toll-free at (888) 531-7253 if you have any questions.
Q: What warranty and return protection do you offer?
A: Well, the best in the business!
Every Cyclone Rake is warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Owners are responsible for routine maintenance including oil changes, air filters and spark plugs. Collision damage and normal wear/age damage are not covered. Plus, all Cyclone Rake models come with a 1-Year Risk-Free Guarantee for residential use and 6 months for commercial use.
Our Standard models, the Classic, Commander, and Commercial PRO, come with a FREE 2-Year Warranty from the date of delivery for residential use, and a FREE 6-Month Warranty for commercial use. Our Premium models, the XL and Z-10, come with a FREE 3-Year Warranty from the date of delivery for residential use, and a FREE 6-Month Warranty for commercial use. We stand behind all the products, parts, and accessories that we sell. For more guarantee and warranty details click here. For more info about returns click here.
For all aftermarket parts and accessories, you are covered for 60 days from the date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship. Collision damage and normal wear/age damage are not covered under the warranty. Please note that if you purchase a part or accessory on the website, or with a new Cyclone Rake, and need to return it because it is not correct for your Cyclone Rake model or you decide you no longer need/want it, we will refund 100% of the purchase price for all unused, original boxed items minus a 15% restocking charge. After 90 days the sales tax is nonrefundable. You will need to pay to ship the item back to us. We encourage you to call us before ordering if you have any questions or need help to make sure you get the right part. Please call our Customer Support Team at (888)-531-7253..
Q: How will my order ship and when can I expect it?
A: All parts, accessories, and products are packed and shipped from our West Haven, CT factory. We'll have your items en route within 2-4 business days from your order. 
We ship via FedEx Home Delivery, US Postal Service, or Freight (for example, FedEx Freight) and transit time varies depending on your location. We'll send you tracking numbers for your order as soon as it ships. This allows you to track its progress on the Internet. Typical shipping times are 1-2 days (in the Northeast), 2-3 days (Upper Midwest and South), and 4-5 days (West and Pacific Northwest). The non-contiguous US and international order transit times will vary by location. Click here for more information on our shipping options.
Q: Will the Cyclone Rake work with my garden tractor or ZTR mower?
A: The Cyclone Rake will fit just about any tractor or riding mower, even ZTRs, as long as the mower deck discharge is on the right hand side (as seen from the driver’s seat). Remember, we custom fit every Cyclone Rake to your specific tractor which ensures maximum collection power and performance. If you have any questions about the connection to your tractor, 888-531-7253 will put you in touch with our Cyclone Rake installation specialists. Click Here to see how we make our custom connections.
Q: Do I need a riding mower to use it?
A: Yes, you do need a riding mower/tractor to take full advantage of the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum. The Cyclone Rake hitches to the back of your riding mower and makes lawn and leaf cleanup about as easy as it can be.
Q: What is included when I purchase a Cyclone Rake?
A: For most people, everything you need to connect to your tractor. The exceptions are (A) if you don’t have a usable mower deck boot you can purchase ours and (B) a small number of tractors need a 3-point hitch adapter or another Special hitch adapter. A call to our Customer Service department at 888-531-7253 can answer any of your questions about the connection to your tractor. Click here to see how we connect to your mower.
Q: How does the factory pickup process work?
A: We’ve made the factory pickup process easier and more flexible for you. Here’s how it works:
Scheduling and Payment: You can now pay and schedule your pickup window yourself during the online checkout process. No need to call a phone representative.
You have two payment options: Credit Card: Pay at the time of ordering online. Cash/Check: Pay at the time of pickup
Order Timing: All orders need to be placed at least 48 hours in advance to ensure we have your items ready for you.
Additional Options: While you can now complete the process online, ordering over the phone with one of our representatives is still an option. If you need to reschedule your pickup window, please contact us at least 24 hours before your original pickup time. We’ll do our best to accommodate your new preferred time.
What to Bring: If you chose to pay by cash/check, please bring the exact amount or your checkbook and bring a copy of your order confirmation (printed or digital) for verification.
Click here for more details on picking up your Cyclone Rake.
Q: What is a 3-point hitch and do I need one?
A: The 3-point hitch is a standardized method of attaching implements (equipment) to larger garden tractors.
The hitch uses two lower connection points and one upper point which provides a rigid connection. Hydraulic cylinders operate on the lower arms to raise and lower the hitch. If the back of your tractor looks like the pictures to the right, then you would need to purchase our 3-Point Hitch Adapter.
Q: Does the Cyclone Rake mulch, or is it just a vacuum?
A: The Cyclone Rake does it all and provides another level of mulching after your mower blades do the initial lifting and cutting. The patented Miracle Impeller creates 10 times the lifting power of most mowers to vacuum and mulch debris.
Since one size does not fit all, the Cyclone Rake vacuum/mulcher and Miracle Impeller are specially designed for each Cyclone Rake model. Check out our features page for more information.
Q: Do my mower blades need to be running?
A: The Cyclone Rake was designed to be used with a lawn mower or tractor of some kind. The Cyclone Rake works with the deck of your mower to clear the debris from your property. So, the blades of your mower do the initial lifting of the debris and the Cyclone Rake will take it the rest of the way. For maximum pickup, you may want to use high lift blades to provide optimal lift in conjunction with the Cyclone Rake vacuum system. Mulching blades are not recommended because they won't work as efficiently. Mulching blades tend to push the debris back to the ground instead of out to the deck opening. Because the Cyclone Rake doesn?t have a deck separate from the mower, if you were interested in towing it with an ATV, golf cart, or other vehicle with a receiver hitch, then you would need a way to vacuum the debris from your yard. We do have two hand held vacuum hoses that would be great for this. The Power Vacuum Pickup is 15 feet, and the Estate Vacuum is 32 feet. These would allow you to clear debris from your property with the hose, rather than with the deck of a mower.
Q: Do you offer an electric start option?
A: Yes!  Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Electric Start Engines are now available, as an upgrade option, on our XL and Z-10 models.  Click here to learn all about them.
Q: How much time and effort will I save?
A: Most people are amazed when we tell them the Cyclone Rake will literally change their life. But don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews on  to read what customers are saying.
It will almost certainly save you days or weeks of hard labor every year. For leaf removal, as an example, one person using the Cyclone Rake can do the job of a 3 to 5 man landscaping crew with almost no effort at all. There’s no lifting, dragging, or bagging to worry about. And the debris is mulched so it composts beautifully. It’s far superior to other kinds of leaf equipment, such as a leaf blower or grass catcher
Q: Is it just for leaf removal?
A: The Cyclone Rake is terrific for year-round lawn and property care, not just for leaf collection. In spring and summer, it will sweep your lawns almost carpet-clean and eliminate 90% or more of the weed seeds that mowers just scatter around. Plus, you’ll be able to mow huge areas without stopping to unload. You can clear overgrown fields and off-lawn areas too. The Cyclone Rake will work for any debris that’s safe for your mower blades.
Q: Will it pick up pine needles, acorns, nuts and seed pods?
A: Pine needles are an unqualified “yes”. That includes long-needle pine straw, common in the Southeast. For acorns, nuts and seed pods, you can expect to get up nearly all of them if they are on bare earth and you set your mower deck to the lowest cutting height and use high-lift blades. If they are deeply buried in thick grass, you may need to rake or blow them into small piles, then drive over them to pick them up. As an alternative, you can use our Power Vacuum Pickup accessory to suck them out of the lawn. The Power Vacuum Pickup will get up just about anything that’s not hard-frozen to the ground.
Q: What happens if I pick-up a hidden stick?
A: Well, chances are you won't see that stick again. Anything that’s safe to drive over with your mower blades is OK for the Cyclone Rake. Of course, you should remove heavy sticks, long branches, rocks, or anything else that’s not safe for your mower. A quick walk around your property before mowing should always be done if you’re not sure whether something dangerous may be hiding below. Always be aware of what might be hiding under your deep drifts or piles of leaves.
Q: Do you offer financing?
A: We do offer financing on through our partner, Bread® Finance, for those who qualify. Please click here to learn more about the financing option. We do accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. You can also call 888-531-7253 if you would like to pay by check or money order.
Q: Can I purchase the MDA if I do not own a Cyclone Rake?
A: Yes. If you currently own a 7", 8", or 10" system from another manufacturer, we have a large selection of Mower Deck Adapters available. Please contact us by email or call our Customer Service Team at 888-531-7253 so we can make sure we get you the right MDA for your tractor. Please note, that we do not sell Mower Deck Adapters for 6" systems online.
Q: Who repairs the Cyclone Rake while under warranty?
A: The Cyclone Rake is designed so that all parts are easily replaced by anyone who has ordinary hand tools. Internal engine repairs are handled under warranty by any Briggs & Stratton® dealer, of which there are more than 16,000 in the U.S.A.
Briggs & Stratton® engines are very unlikely to malfunction as long as you perform the required maintenance (oil changes, air filters, spark plugs). Most people only need to do this once a year. However, if you do have a problem with your Cyclone Rake or engine, simply give us a call at 888-531-7253, and one of our Cyclone Rake installation specialists will help you get the parts that you need, put you in touch with a Briggs & Stratton authorized service center or you can find the closest one by clicking HERE.