Hello to Our Canadian Friends


Cyclone Rake Now Available In Canada!

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Power Source Canada (PSC) which brings the Cyclone Rake Leaf Vacuum to select retailers in Canada. Starting today, The Cyclone Rake is available in 3 new Bundle packages for our Canadian customers and in late October, PSC will become our full service provider for both new Cyclone Rakes and Aftermarket parts and accessories. Here are some handy FAQs.

Where can I purchase the Cyclone Rake and associated parts and accessories?

Click here for a list of participating dealers. Note this is a partial list and we are aggressively building our dealer network. So, please check back regularly or click on the link below to send us a note and someone from Power Source Canada will be in touch to locate a dealer in your area.

How will I get my new Cyclone Rake?

Simply visit one of the dealers on the list. Chances are they’ll have Cyclone Rakes in stock. If not, PSC will have one sent to them for pickup. You save on shipping and expand your relationship with your favorite dealer.

How do I get aftermarket parts and accessories?

Simply visit your dealer and they’ll arrange to get you anything you need. Remember, PSC will maintain a large inventory of parts and accessories.

Will this cost more?

No. The price you will pay in Canada will be less than or equal to what you would pay if you purchased directly from Woodland Power Products and we shipped it to you in Canada. The table below gives you examples showing the pricing. Remember, the table below is in USD$ and does not include any impacts for currency or GST.

Here’s a sample price table to show you it’s all the same.

(All pricing is in US $.)

Item Price if Sold and Shipped to
Canadian Customer
Price if Purchased from
PSC Dealer
Cyclone Rake Classic (Standard Liner) $1486.75 $1486.75
Cyclone Rake Commander (Blue Diamond Liner) $1844.00 $1844.00
Cyclone Rake XL (Electric Start and Blue Diamond Liner) $2628.00 $2628.00
Cyclone Rake Classic Bundle $1910.25 $1910.25
Cyclone Rake Commander Bundle $2299.8 $2299.8
Cyclone Rake XL Bundle $3152.55 $3152.55
Aftermarket Accessory - Jack Stand $182.92 $180.00
Aftermarket Accessory - Dual Wheels $342.37 $340.00
Aftermarket Accessory - Power Vac Pickup in PVC $553.70 $550.00
Parts - Side Tubes (2) $206.70 $206.00
Parts - 5 Blade Impeller $223.74 $223.00


How will you handle warranty service?

All warranty work will be supported by PSC and the dealer that you purchased your rake from.

Can I still visit the factory to see where the Cyclone Rake is made?

Of course! If you are passing through Connecticut, we’d love to see you.

What’s Next?

Click on the button below and it will take you to the PSC website. Here, you can enter a bit of information and someone from PSC will contact you to get you the information you need and to direct you to the nearest dealer that can help you to obtain a new Cyclone Rake or any aftermarket parts and accessories that you might need.