Cyclone Rake Accessory FAQs

Do you have questions about our Cyclone Rake Accessories?

Check out the list below to find the answers to many of the most popular questions asked when deciding which accessories or upgrades you need for your Cyclone Rake. However, if you don't see the question or the answer you're looking for, CLICK HERE to submit your question and one of our customer service team will get back to you as soon a possible.

Q: What is the diameter of the Estate Vacuum and the Power Vacuum Pickup hose?
A: The hose diameter for the Estate Vacuum and Power Vacuum Pickup is 6 inches.
Q: What is the diameter of the Power Unloader? Why is it different from the PVP?
A: The diameter of the Power Unloader hose is 7-in. The Power Unloader hose has a larger diameter than the Power Vacuum Pickup (which is 6-in diameter) to allow debris to flow through the hose easier when you're ready to unload. 
Q: Does the Mower Deck Adapter (MDA) come with the Cyclone Rake?
A: At Woodland Power Products we take a "menu" approach which allows customers to design their Cyclone Rakes for their specific applications and circumstances. Our objective is to get you the right tool for your applications.
Many people already have a mower deck boot from their mower's grass bagger and don’t need a Mower Deck Adapter. So, we don't want to charge them for something they already have. (However, we do think our MDA is superior to mower manufacturers’ boots, and we do recommend it, but we won't pressure anybody to buy ours.) Click here to visit our install page to learn more about our standard and custom installations.