Cyclone Rake Accessories


Great options to get more work done with less effort.

These time-saving, work-saving, back-saving accessories give you amazing versatility with your Cyclone Rake. Plus, when your accessories are shipped with your Cyclone Rake, the shipping is FREE. That will save hundreds of dollars compared to buying them later.

Power Vacuum Pickup

Quickly clear areas you can't get with your tractor with the Power Vacuum Pickup.

Estate Vacuum

Thirty-two feet in total length to clear 3,000 square feet of debris a single pass.

Power Unloader

Fifteen feet of reach to unload over a wall, deep in the woods or into a truck.

3rd Wheel Jack Stand

Hitch up to your mower with no lifting at all. Save time and energy when setting up.

Wall Mount Kit

Hang your Cyclone Rake right on the wall for easy storage almost anywhere.

Roof-Rack Carrier

This Cyclone Rake accessory is the easiest way to transport hoses and tools right to the work site with you.

Cyclone Master Power-Lift Unloader

Designed for heavy-duty users with a remote hand control and battery charge meter for maximum convenience. Works with all Cyclone Rake models.

Engine Maintenance Kit

Everything you need to keep your engine running in one convenient pack.