Walk Behind Nut Rake


Walk Behind

Put Your Squirrels Out of Business

The Walk-Behind model of the Cyclone Nut Rake will effortlessly clear a huge 18” path through the nuts littering your property. With the spacer package we’ve included for FREE you’ll be able to collect everything from the smallest acorns to the largest black walnuts. All without ever picking up a rake or bending over!

When you’re done gathering your pesky nuts, simply remove the high-density polyethylene collector bin, and dump the nuts in a more convenient spot. Easy!



Comfort Grip Handle

Soft, comfortable handle for easy gripping to push the Nut Rake forward at your own pace

37 No-Break Pickup Wheels & 24 Spacers

Made from rugged, no break, polypropylene these pickup wheels and spacers allow you to configure the Nut Rake to pick up everything from small acorns to black walnuts.

Easy Release Clip

Want to add or remove the spacers from in between your pickup wheels? Simply remove this clip to rearrange the placement of the wheels.

Nut-Ejector Fins 

Made from a sturdy UV stabilized, Polypropylene Copolymer. They have a flat, fully closed surface to prevent clogging. The nut ejector fins, guide the pickup wheels and then pop the gathered nuts into the collector bin.

Removable Nut Collection Bin

Easily removable for emptying. These molded, high-density polyethylene bins are rugged enough to withstand wear tear.

Powder Coated Steel Frame

Powder coated for longevity the durable steel frame will allow you to clear nuts from your property for years to come.


All Cyclone Nut Rakes are built to order in our West Haven factory and ship in 2-3 business days from receipt of order.

Your new Walk-Behind Cyclone Nut Rake will be delivered, To Your Door via FedEx Home Delivery. 


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(When shipped within the lower 48 states.)

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