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Cyclone Nut Rake - Tow-Behind

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Perfect for Your Big
Nut Collection Jobs

The Tow-Behind model of the Cyclone Nut Rake will clear a massive 36.5-inch path through the nuts on your property. Simply attach it to the rear of your lawn mower or other towing device and you’re ready to get started. With the included FREE spacer package, you’ll be able to clear every size nut imaginable. From the smallest acorn to the largest black walnuts with ease.

When you’re done making your local squirrels jealous, simply remove the two high-density collector bins and dump the nuts in a more convenient spot. Easy!

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Strength, Durability, and Easy to Use!

Cyclone Nut Rake was made for ease of use and durability in mind. Take a tour through the Tow-Behind version of the Cyclone Nut Rake to see the different components.   

What's Included? We're Glad You Asked!



A. 73 Rugged No-Break Pickup Wheels
Made from rugged, no break, polypropylene these wheel configurations will allow you to pick up everything from small acorns to black walnuts. 

B. 48 Spacers
Conveniently add in between the pickup wheels to allow for more space to collect larger nuts off your property. 

C. 2 Removable Nut Collection Bins 
Easily remove the two collector bins for emptying. These molded, high-density polyethylene bins are rugged enough to withstand wear and tear. 

D. Easy Release Clip 
Want to add or remove the spacers from in between your pickup wheels? Simply remove this clip to rearrange the placement of the wheels.

E. Nut -Release Tines
Made from a sturdy 1/8” steel wire, the nut release tines pop the gathered nuts from the pickup wheels into the collector bins

F. Powder Coated Steel Frame
Powder coated for longevity, the durable steel frame will allow you to clear nuts from your property for years to come. 


All Cyclone Nut Rakes are built to order in our West Haven factory and ship on Tuesday and Thursday. Your new Tow-Behind Cyclone Nut Rake will be delivered, To Your Home via freight.


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Cyclone Nut Rake Tow- Behind Model FREE $399 $630 Call for Quote
Warranty & Guarantee

The Cyclone Nut Rake Warranty and Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Cyclone Nut Rake, simply return it back to us within the first 90 days you own it for a full refund of everything you paid under our Cyclone Guarantee. Our 1-Year Warranty also covers you from top to bottom against any defects in materials and workmanship.

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