Cyclone Nut Rake - Tow-Behind

**NOTICE: Out of STOCK**

An Easy to Use, compact, Nut Collector

  • 36.5” Pickup Width
  • 73 Rugged, No Break Pickup Wheels
  • 48 Spacers
  • 2 Removable Bins
SKU: 811

Perfect for Your Big Nut Collection Jobs


The Tow-Behind model of the Cyclone Nut Rake will clear a massive 36.5-inch path through the nuts on your property. Simply attach it to the rear of your riding lawnmower or other towing device and you’re ready to get started. With the included FREE spacer package, you’ll be able to clear every size nut imaginable. From the smallest acorn to the largest black walnuts with ease.

When you’re done making your local squirrels jealous, simply remove the two high-density collector bins and dump the nuts in a more convenient spot. Easy!

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