This one may not technically be a nut, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from the Cyclone Nut Rake’s grasp. Large pine cones, small pine cones, and any size in between. It will gather them all. 

What are you supposed to do with the Pine Cones once they’re off your property and in the Cyclone Nut Rake? If just getting rid of them isn’t for you, you have tons of other options. Make a decorative wreath for your home or use them as a vase filler for a pretty center piece. Once they’re off your property the possibilities are endless.

With the spacers we include in every purchase the Cyclone Nut Rake is the only nut (or pine cone) gatherer you’ll ever need again. Everything from ¼” in diameter, all the way up to the diameter of a tennis ball won’t stand a chance. Choose between the Walk-Behind model and the Tow-Behind model to get the best fit for you.