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Help You Get The Job Done Faster And Better

These time-saving, work-saving, back-saving accessories give you amazing versatility from your Cyclone Rake. Plus, when your accessories are shipped with your Cyclone Rake, the shipping is FREE. That will save hundreds of dollars compared to buying them later.


Power Vacuum Pickup

The Power Vacuum Pickup is specially designed to be comfortable, and easy to use. With 17 feet of reach it gets debris from places where your mower won’t go. Tremendously powerful, it devours deep piles of wet leaves, pine needles, pine cones and other debris from foundations, flower beds, walkways and, just about anywhere else in seconds.



Estate Vacuum

The Estate Vacuum is the perfect solution for property owners with really hard-to-reach areas or long stretches of planting areas to clear. You’ll reach up to 3,000 square feet without moving the mower. With two 15-foot hose sections, the Estate Vacuum can be used at 1/2 or full length. It connects to any Cyclone Rake and gives you incredible vacuum power and unparalleled reach.



Power Unloader

Connect the Power Unloader to the Cyclone Rake and empty your debris anywhere you want. With 15 feet of reach you can blow everything over a wall or fence, deep into the woods or into the back of a truck. The Power Unloader chute can be connected to face either direction for maximum debris control.





Power-Lift Unloader

The new and improved Power-Lift Unloader takes the unloading process to a new level of convenience. Built for use on any of our models, the Power-Lift Unloader is packed with rugged features and hi-tech controls so all you have to do is back up, open the flaps, and press a button. It’s weatherproof and comes complete with an on-board battery meter so you’ll always know your power position. And of course, we include the charger too.



Roof Rack Carrier

The Roof-Rack Carrier attaches to any Cyclone Rake to help carry your vacuum hoses and other tools around the property.





3rd Wheel Jack Stand

The 3rd Wheel Jack Stand is specially designed to support the Cyclone Rake when it’s not on your mower. It’s made with welded steel construction and has a mirror chrome finish. The adjustable height and oversized, locking caster wheel make it the easiest way to hitch up to your mower. No lifting required.




Wall Mount Kit

The Cyclone Rake is the only lawn vacuum that folds flat for storage. With our heavy-duty Wall Mount Kit, you can even hang the collector and chassis right on the wall of your garage or shed. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel with a black powder coat finish, these convenient hooks ensure your unit is always accessible when you need it and safely out of the way when you don’t.





Weather Defender Outdoor Cover

If you want to leave your Cyclone Rake outdoors between clean-ups, the Weather Defender Outdoor Cover will protect your investment. It’s made from an advanced polymer laminate that’s extremely weather and UV resistant. The color is molded directly into the fibers so it resists fading. Then it’s chemically processed with an advanced fluoropolymer treatment for added outdoor protection.



Engine Maintenance Kit

The New Cyclone Rake Engine Maintenance Kit gives you all the parts and tools in one convenient pack so you can easily take care of your Cyclone Rake. We’ve thought of everything for this kit to make it easy for you to do the factory recommended maintenance – including the tools!