Cyclone Rake vs The Competition


We Make Choosing The Cyclone Rake Easy

Not sure if the Cyclone Rake is right for you? We understand exploring all your options can be daunting, so we're here to make the process a little easier. As a company we believe in being as transparent as possible. Here's how the Cyclone Rake compares to other popular leaf and lawn vacuums on the market. 

Cyclone Rake
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Why Does It Matter?


12 Month Residential Guarantee.
6 months Commercial Guarantee. 

You'll get a full refund, and we'll even pay the shipping back to us! 

6 month residential trial.
30 days commercial use.

Must pay return shipping - conditions apply.

Depends on the dealer.

Don't you want to feel completely comfortable with your purchase? Major purchases are a big enough decision without having to worry about what will happen if you decide it isn't right for you. The Cyclone Rake is a worry free choice. 

Does it fold flat?


The collector folds down to just 8" thick, and the rest of the Cyclone Rake is easily disassembled for storage. No tools needed!


Some companies build units that partially fold down. But none break into the individual component parts as easily or neatly as the Cyclone Rake.


We understand space can get tight sometimes. This is why we designed the Cyclone Rake so that every model can completely fold flat and disassemble in just a few minutes, with no tools required. You can even hang it right on the wall! 


Free 3-Year Residential Warranty.
1 year Commercial.

2-Year Residential Warranty.
90 days Commercial

(additional available for purchase)

Available for purchase from dealer.

We understand things come up. It's rare but sometimes things go wrong and we want you to feel absolutely comfortable in the unlikely event that should happen. Our Free 3-Year Residential warranty keeps you covered - At no extra cost.

Hitch Type

Dual-Pin Hitch

It won't ever jackknife! 

Single-Pin Hitch Single-Pin Hitch

The Cyclone Rake's Dual Pin Hitch creates a rigid mount to the rear of your mower allowing us to use  the shortest, straightest length of deck hose possible. This is extremely important when you're designing a leaf and lawn vacuum because it will all but eliminate the opportunity for the clogging you'll see in other leaf and lawn vacuum designs.

Does the deck hose have a short and straight path?


This creates the perfect environment for clog-free debris collection.


The hose length must be nearly twice as long to accommodate the single pin hitch. This increases the likelihood of clogs.


Will you ship right to my door?



but only on a tractor trailer.

Depends on the dealer.

The Cyclone Rake will ship via FedEx Ground right to your door- no need to worry about tractor trailer trucks in your driveway. 

Engine Lifespan

2,000 Hours ~300 Hours ~300 Hours

A longer engine life means less time spent having to worry about replacing your equipment down the road. 

Engine Size

8.5-14.4 ft. lbs. of torque 9.59-16.96 ft. lbs. of torque >8.75 ft. lbs. of torque

Keep in mind the relationship between the engine size, and impeller size is extremely important. A larger engine isn't going to provide you with more suction power unless the impeller size compliments it. We pair engine size, impeller size, and deck hose diameter to give you the optimum performance (and no painful and tedious impeller replacements.)

Impeller Material

Super Elastomer

It will bend and flex to absorb impact from hard debris, and then go back to its original shape.


It's susceptible to damage from hard debris which can damage the engine.


It's susceptible to damage from hard debris which can damage the engine.

Vacuum Hose Sizes

7" ID to 10" ID

Model specific.

8" Diameter 7" Diameter
x 7' Length

Having a different diameter deck hoses for different engine sizes and impeller sizes will provide you with the best performance possible from your leaf and lawn vacuum.

Engine Quality

Commercial Grade Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Generic Consumer Grade Consumer Grade Briggs & Stratton®

A Commercial Grade engine will provide you with a longer life span and rugged performance so you never have to worry about overworking it. Use an engine with a name you can trust, rather than a generic engine with a label.


27-55 cu.ft.

Model specific.

27-43 cu. ft.

Model specific.

32 cu. ft.

As with all aspects of the Cyclone Rake, we offer a wide variety of sizes for the capacity to provide you with the best fit for you and your needs. And, at 415 gallons, we still build the largest collector for homeowner and small commercial use on the market.

Deck Size

Up to 72",

regardless of the size of the deck opening.

Deck opening MUST be less than 6" high and 19" wide.

Up to 54" 

Over 54" with additional purchase.

Our Mower Deck Adapter connects to a huge variety of deck sizes out there, all the way up to 72 inches! No need to worry about fitting into a certain size, or making an additional purchase. 

Will it my fit ZTR?


No additional purchase necessary.


Additional purchase may be required.

Not Recommended,

Can be done with additional purchase.

The Cyclone Rake will connect to your ZTR the same way it connects to a more traditional riding mower. Easy. Simple. No additional purchase necessary. 

Mower HP Recommendation

8HP+ 12HP on level ground, 14HP+ on uneven ground. 14HP +

As long as your mower is at least 8HP, and has a right handed discharge chances are we'll be able to connect to it!

Electric start option


Model specific.


Model specific.


If you're looking for ease of use - an electric start option is the one for you!

Number of Upgrades & Accessories Available

14  3 2

We like to take an a la carte approach to our products here, so you're getting exactly what you need and aren't paying for things you don't. We offer an extensive selection of upgrades and accessories to make the Cyclone Rake the machine of your dreams. 

Can I buy directly from the Company?


We're factory direct and would love to speak with you.

Can purchase online or through a dealer network.


Keeping the Cyclone Rake factory direct allows us to keep our prices as low as possible - plus wouldn't you rather work directly with one of the best small companies in America? 


If you're not sure which Cyclone Rake model is best for your property, call our Customer Service Specialists toll-free at  888-531-7253.

We're here to help!