The Cleanup Solution for Your Commercial Business

Conquer the chaos of leaves and debris with the amazing power of the Cyclone Rake! Our top-of-the-line leaf and lawn vacuum is designed to make lawn cleaning tasks a breeze. It easily connects to almost all garden tractors and ZTRs making it a great for municipalities, rental centers, and landscapers. It's the ultimate weapon for businesses that demand flawlessly clean landscapes.

Why Choose a Cyclone Rake for your business?

  • Unmatched Power: Harness the impressive suction power of Cyclone Rake to effortlessly collect leaves, grass clippings, and debris.
  • Easy to Assemble & Use: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our rentals are easy to operate and navigate, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Durability You Can Rely On: Our rentals feature durable construction to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Year-round use: Easily handle spring cleanup, grass clippings, and leaves.
  • 5-Star Support: Our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional customer service and support throughout your rental experience.
  • See it in Action! Watch how easy the Cyclone Rake handles lawn debris.

Landscaping Companies

Turn any large property into a beautifully manicured lawn. The Cyclone Rake is perfect for clearing debris from estates and other large landscapes.


Golf Courses

Golfers demand a great course to play on. The Cyclone Rake is ideal for keeping fairways, driving ranges, and putting greens debris-free year-round.



Towns and cities take pride in the grounds that make them home. Use the Cyclone Rake for an economic solution to efficiently remove debris from parks, greens, and other public places.



From grade schools to universities, the Cyclone Rake easily clears debris from campus lawns, athletic fields, and other school grounds.


Rental Centers

Add a steady revenue stream to your rental offerings with the premier leaf and lawn vacuum that your customers definitely want.



Make camping an enjoyable experience by easily removing all the leaves and debris for a smooth and clean campground.


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Absolute Beast!

Easy to assemble with very good instructions. I purchased the Z-10. This thing is an absolute beast as my title states. I was not only impressed with the power, but the large holding capacity as well. It’s easy to hookup and a breeze to operate and run. It just takes a little getting used to with the added length since it swings with the mower unlike a trailer style. I did end up shortening it a bit which made it fun on my trailer and allows for easier turns. However the non-jackknifing when backing up to empty, especially if unloading onto a trailer is unbeatable! After getting the Cyclone Rake I made it a point to look at a few others from the competition. They don’t even compare, and look cheaply made and small in physical size. The motors look very homeowner grade unlike the commercial grade of the Cyclone Rake. I definitely bought the best machine from the absolute BEST company for my lawn care business!

Tim E., Cyclone Rake XL owner