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Proven Performance.
Agile Handler.

The Cyclone Rake Classic Bundle is equipped for durability and versatility. We've upgraded this mighty little Cyclone Rake with a Mower Deck Adapter, a Blue Diamond Liner and a PVC Power Vacuum Pickup. Get the most out of your smaller mower with this property cleanup legend. Use Promo Code PSS18 for an additional 10% off and get this bundle for the amazing price of $1,439.00.

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Built Right Here for 20 Years

In today’s world, it’s sometimes difficult to know who is responsible for the product you’re purchasing. Well, you never have to wonder about that when you invest in the Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum or any of the other Cyclone Rake family of products. For 20 years we’ve been at the same location, selling and supporting this great family of products with a committed team of outdoor power equipment professionals. Click here to learn more about our Company and how your new Cyclone Rake is built and supported.


Simple to Use & Never Jackknives

The Cyclone Rake Classic is ideal for hilly or congested properties. It’s smaller and more compact than our other machines, so you can get around easier in tight places. You will never jackknife while backing up to unload. Most small lawn mowers like rear-engine riders and tractors below 10 HP are a perfect match for the Cyclone Rake Classic Model.


7-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System

The 7-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System on the Cyclone Rake Classic gives you almost 40% more cross-section area for debris handling than the 6-inch systems commonly sold.


5.5 HP Vanguard Engine & Miracle Impeller

This Cyclone Rake for sale has a 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engine coupled with the patented Miracle Impeller™. It will give you many times the lifting power of even the best mowers. It does a great job on both leaves in the fall and grass in the spring and summer.


Folds Flat in Minutes

Don’t struggle with a lawn vacuum system that needs lots of storage space when it’s not in use. The Cyclone Rake Classic is our most compact design. It folds flat in a few easy steps and fits just about anywhere.


200-Gallon Clean-up Capacity

The classic's 200 gallon capacity equals 27 cubic feet or about 20 bushels of debris. That's more than 6 big 32-gallon barrels, many times the capacity of mowers or walk-behind leaf vacuums



Cyclone Rake Classic

Make Woodland Power Products, Inc.
Best for 8 HP or larger Tractors
Recommended Deck 26" - 40" mower deck widths
Vacuum System 7- inch Diameter
Impeller 4 - Blade Miracle Impeller
Collector Capacity 200 gals /27 Cu.ft. /20 bushels
Collector Dumping Angle 60o
Width 35 inches
Height 49 inches
Length 73 inches
Unloading Method Standard
Rigid Dumping Lock Yes
Folds Flat Yes


Hitch Type 2 Pin Hitch- Never Jackknifes


Make Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™
Ft Lbs Torque 5.5 HP / 8.5 ft lbs torque
Displacement 205 cc
Engine Type OHV
Number Of Cylinders 1
Air Filter Dual Element
Pre Cleaner Yes
Oil Capacity 16.9 oz
Lubrication Splash
Oil Type SAE 30W HD
Engine RPM 3600
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Electric Start Not Available


Cyclone Rake Warranty 3 years residential use
Engine Warranty 3 years coverage from B & S



Cyclone Rake PRO Upgrades


Commercial-grade Performance and Durability.

The Cyclone Rake has a wide array of time-saving upgrades and accessories to help you get your tough property cleanup jobs done quickly and easily. Our PRO Upgrades are valuable factory-installed options built right into the Cyclone Rake model of your choice. These contractor-tough items are a tremendous bargain when ordered with your Cyclone Rake, and they’ll provide years of added protection and performance through the toughest cleanup jobs. All our accessories are designed for years of service and are fully compatible with any Cyclone Rake model, even those built many years ago.


Mower Deck Adapter

This Cyclone Rake upgrade provides the best fit and lawn vacuum performance. Models available for most mowers.



Tuff-PRO Urethane Deck Hose

Tuff-PRO Urethane Super hoses have twenty times the abrasion resistance of our standard hoses for extreme protection from damage and wear.


Blue Diamond Steel Liner

The Blue Diamond Liner is made from high-quality alloy steel that has been heat-treated, tempered and precision rolled. This PRO upgrade is recommended for protection against sandy soil or other hard debris.


Dual-PRO Super Wheels

Double the load carrying capacity of our standard Cyclone Rake wheels for maximum control and lawn protection. Perfect for larger Cyclone Rake models and sandy or wet properties.


E-Start Engine

For the maximum in convenience and ease of use, upgrade your XL or Z-10 Cyclone Rake with the new Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ E-Start Engine.


Cyclone Rake Accessories


Great options to get more work done with less effort.

These time-saving, work-saving, back-saving accessories give you amazing versatility with your Cyclone Rake. Plus, when your accessories are shipped with your Cyclone Rake, the accessories ship for free. That will save hundreds of dollars compared to buying them later.


Power Vacuum Pickup

Quickly clear areas you can't get with your tractor with the Power Vacuum Pickup.


Estate Vacuum

Thirty-two feet in total length to clear 3,000 square feet of debris a single pass.


Power Unloader

Fifteen feet of reach to unload over a wall, deep in the woods or into a truck.


3rd Wheel Jack Stand

Hitch up to your mower with no lifting at all. Save time and energy when setting up.


Wall Mount Kit

Hang your Cyclone Rake right on the wall for easy storage almost anywhere.


Roof-Rack Carrier

This Cyclone Rake accessory is the easiest way to transport hoses and tools right to the work site with you.


Power-Lift Unloader

Designed with a remote hand control and battery charge meter for maximum convenience for heavy duty users. Works with all Cyclone Rake models.


Engine Maintenance Kit

Everything you need to keep your engine running in one convenient pack.


3-Point Hitch Adapter

If you have a larger tractor with a 3-point hitch. We have the adapter that will make hooking up your Cyclone Rake a breeze.


Value Packages


Save on bundles of the most often requested Cyclone Rake Accessories and PRO Upgrades.

Each season we feature a select group of value packages containing some of the most popular combinations of accessories and upgrades. Make sure you check out these time saving packages so you get the most out of your Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum.


The Cyclone Fall Starter Pack

The Cyclone Fall Starter Pack bundles some of our most common aftermarket accessories to get you up and running quickly.


The Fall Vac & Carry Pack

The Fall Vac & Carry Pack bundles all of our most convenient aftermarket accessories for your lawn leaf vacuum to help you get all of your property cleanup done quickly and easily.


The Fall Easy Rider Pack

The Fall Easy Rider Pack includes our most popular PRO Upgrades exclusively for the Cyclone Rake Classic, Commander and Commercial PRO models.


All Cyclone Rake machines are built to order in our West Haven, CT factory, and ship in 1-2 business days. 

Your Cyclone Rake Classic Bundle will be delivered Righ to Your Door!  We'll ship your Cyclone Rake right to your home via our outstanding FedEx Ground service. You do not need to be home for this delivery and FedEx will deliver in a traditional FedEx truck – No tractor trailers in your driveway. 


Ship to a Depot  (Lower 48)

ShipTo Your Door (Lower 48)

Eastern Canada

Western Canada

All Other

Cyclone Rake
Classic Bundle
N/A FREE $399 $549 Call for Quote

Note: All Cyclone Rakes are shown with optional Mower Deck Adapters. Mowers are not included.

classic Classic
commander Commander
commercial-pro Commercial PRO
Cyclone Rake Prices

List Price: $1295


List Price: $1495


List Price: $1695


List Price: $1945


List Price: $2245


Best for Smaller properties with slopes or congested areas Mid-size properties with moderate leaf cover Mid-size to large properties with heavy leaf cover Large properties, 
estates or commercial use
Very large properties, estates or commercial use
Mower/Tractor Recommendations
Mower Guidelines 8 HP or larger. 10 HP or larger. 14 HP or larger 16 HP or larger 16 HP or larger.
Mower deck recommendations

26"-40" mower
deck widths

36"-46" mower 
deck widths
38"-48" mower
deck widths
42"-54" mower
deck widths
42"-72" mower 
deck widths
Product Specifications
Vacuum System 7-inch dia.
Vacuum System
8-inch dia. JetPath 8-inch dia. JetPath 8-inch dia. JetPath 10-inch dia. JetPath
Engine 5.5 HP Vanguard
(8.5 ft lbs torque)
6.5 HP Vanguard
(9.1 ft lbs torque)
6.5 HP Vanguard
(9.1 ft lbs torque)
8 HP Vanguard
(13.4 ft lbs torque)
10 HP Vanguard
(14.4 ft lbs torque)
Capacity 200 gallons
27 cubic feet
22 bushels
285 gallons
38 cubic feet
32 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
415 gallons
55 cubic feet
44 bushels
Impeller Miracle Impeller 
Miracle Impeller 
Unloading method Standard Easy-Flow Easy-Flow Easy-Flow Easy-Flow
W x H x L 35” x 49” x 73” 43” x 49” x 73” 48” x 54 ” x 79” 48” x 54” x 79” 48” x 54” x 79”
Collector dumping angle 60° 60° 60° 60° 60°
Rigid dumping lock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hitch type 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes 2-pin: Never jackknifes
Folds flat 
for storage
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Available
Estate Vacuum™ - 32 ft. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Vacuum Pickup™ - 17 ft. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Kit
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roof Rack Carrier™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Unloader™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall Mount Kit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3rd Wheel™ 
Jack Stand
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Lift-Unloader Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-point Hitch & Custom Hitches Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PRO Upgrades Available
Blue Diamond Liner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Wheels
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Hose
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mower Deck Adapter(MDA) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Start Engine No No No Yes Yes


If you're not sure which Cyclone Rake model is best for your property, call our Customer Service Specialists toll-free at  888-531-7253.

We're here to help!