Checkout Attributes

Feature of checkout attributes allow to add an additional information to the order creation by the customer of your store. 

List of content:

- List of attributes
- How to add new attribute
- Working example

List of attributes

At this section you may find all checkout attributes list used in your store.

Checkout attributes details showing multiple options including different checkout attributes types. Those are this same as mentioned at the product attribute type.

How to add a new attribute

At the list of checkout attributes, you may find an add new button. In a new opened page add necessary fields, like a name, define a type of the checkout attribute. If you would like to add some values for dropdown list or radio or checkboxes, do not forget to add those after save button.

Working example.

Will ask customer if would like to add a note to the order, but only if that order is a gift, so when customer will decide to order gift wrapping. How to do this? Just will show how condtion work. 

First step is create a new attribute - add note? 

Click save and continue button, and proceed to the second tab - values.

If anyone will check option "Yes" than an additional fee will be added to order total. Now, proceed to the last tab - condition.

I want to display "Add note" attribute only if someone will check "Gift wrapping". So enable condition and set proper attribute with proper value. Save. But it is not all, just will need to add one more attribute, as need to give option to write a message. Create a new attribute, but this time need different type.

This one would like to set as an obligatory if someone would like to add note to the gift order. Will set required setting. This time does not need to set any values, as that is multiline textbox, but need to set condition. 

This time condition will be to another one - add note. So this multiline textbox will be shown only if someone will check add note. How that is shown at the public store?

If will proceed to the cart, will see only one attribute. If set to "No", than may proceed with checkout details. But if will set it to "Yes", than another option will be shown and total amount will be changed. 

At this point, if customer will not be intersted with adding a note, may proceed with checkout. What will be changed if will change "Add note" to "Yes"?

A new field will be shown - multiline textbox. Look at the total price. That is changed as well, according to checked options.