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Composting 101

Composting is good for your soil. Making compost from grass clippings, leaves, kitchen waste and other non-fatty organic matter turns raw organic matter into fluffy, nutrient-fortified, soil improving compost. Compost is also good for the soil beyond your backyard, recycling…
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Get Ready To Compost!

The weather has warmed up, and you have run out of excuses to finally build that compost bin – a magical contraption that you’ve heard turns yard waste and kitchen scraps into fluffy, nutrient-dense, black gold. Whether you’re most interested…
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April is National Lawn Care Month!

April is a month of firsts for many lawns – first spring flowers popping up in and around the lawn, first fertilization, and the first mowing. That makes it a good time to review some important lawn care tips, courtesy…
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Welcome Spring with a New Design

Signs of spring are in the air as air temperatures warm and birds return; but the ground in many regions is still too cold or too wet for planting. That gives you another week or two to polish up your…
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10 Reasons to Try Cyclone Rake for Spring Clean Up

The Cyclone Rake offers unique features you won’t find anywhere else, while offering easy property care for spring. View the infographic below to learn about ten reasons to try the Cyclone Rake for spring clean up. (Click to Enlarge)