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Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready for Winter

get your lawn mower ready for winter

We get it. You’re not ready for the snow to start (or keep) falling. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your equipment ready for the cold though. You wouldn’t head outside in winter without putting on your coat and hat,…
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Recycling a Christmas Tree After Christmas

How should you go about recycling a Christmas tree? With the new year in full swing and Christmas (sadly) behind us, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with the tree that’s started to wilt in your living…
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What Happens to Your Lawn in Winter?

photo credit: onepony Not Sure About Winter Lawn Care? We know the basic ins and outs of lawn care when the weather is warm: mow your lawn, gather your leaves, keep the gunk out of your gutters. Generally pretty simple,…
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5 Best Tips for Late Summer Lawn Mowing

Taking good care of your yard involves keeping your grass well-trimmed and maintained. In fact, in some communities failure to keep your lawn mowed can result in healthy fines. But there is actually far more to mowing your lawn than…
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5 Rules for a Water-Wise Landscape

national lawn care month

Water-wise landscaping is designing outdoor spaces to minimize irrigation needs while also creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Also known as xeriscaping, this eco-friendly practice offers benefits including reducing the environmental impact of human landscapes, lowering water bills for homeowners, and…
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