Better than a Bagger!

The Cyclone Rake is so much better than your mower's tiny 2 or 3 bin grass bagger. The Cyclone Rake grass and leaf bagger can handle a bushels more debris. The leaf bagging systems that you can get for your riding mower can only handle a few gallons of debris. In no time they fill up and you find yourself driving back and forth to empty them. That's a lot of wasted time and energy. With the huge capacity of the Cyclone Rake's grass and leaf bagger, you will mow longer with less trips dumping. Everyone's property size, quantity of grass and leaves is different. Each Cyclone Rake has been engineered with those differences in mind.

We Fit More Debris in Every Load

Collector size is not the only way the Cyclone Rake is able to get more in each load. The Cyclone Rake is not only a riding mower with a bagger, but also a leaf mulcher and grass mulcher. It starts with the cutting action of your mower blades and then our Patented Miracle Impeller continues the breakdown as they are vacuumed into the collector. This reduces the size of the debris many time more than just using the mower blades alone.

Grass Bagger, Leaf Bagger... and more

The Cyclone Rake riding lawn mower with bagger makes short work of both grass and leaves. However, it will also collect pesky pine straw, all kinds of nuts as well as winter storm debris. In the summer, the Cyclone Rake leaf bagger collects all of the weed seeds along with the compacted dead grass while you mow leaving your lawn lush and green. In the fall, more than leaves fall to the ground. In many areas it's time for the pine trees to shed as well, and not to mention the mess you get from acorns, hickory nuts and sweetgum balls. In the springtime, after a tough long winter, the Cyclone Rake's lawn mower bagger will easily collect all of the downed twigs plus all of the wet and soggy leaves that were burried under the snow.