Applying Gift Cards

Note: As of 1/11/2024 this will be the current process until IT team can bulk upload all of the existing gift cards into iCommerce so then customers can use it on their own

If a customer has Cyclone Rake gift card that they would like to use, follow the steps below

1) When impersonating the customer, add the products to the cart and then keep it in the cart. Get the gift card information from the customer (gift card number, pin #, etc). Tell the customer you will contact them later to complete the order.

2) Exit out of impersonating the customer to come back to the admin side....You should end up on the customer's account.

3) Create an INTERNAL case with the gift card information in the notes.

4) Use the comments to tag accounting and ask accounting to make sure the gift card is valid.

5) Accounting will check the gift card is valid and create a Gift Voucher in iCommerce.

6) Accounting will go back to the internal case and tag the CSR with the Gift Voucher information.

7) the CSR should copy the Gift Voucher code and make sure it's readily available. The CSR can then call the customer back to apply the Gift Voucher code to the customer's cart, and then do a credit/debit card payment if there is a remaining balance.