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Complete the Cyclone Rake online order form below to place your Cyclone Rake web order anytime. Please be sure to enter all requested contact and tractor information to ensure order accuracy. No payment information is needed at this time. Submission of this form does NOT obligate you to purchase. A Cyclone Rake installation specialist will call you back to complete your Cyclone Rake order and gather payment information.

Why do we do this? Because there are thousands of mower models made by dozens of different manufacturers, and many that are no longer in production, a quick conversation with an installation technician is necessary to be sure everything is correct for your mower and property type. Please be sure to provide a daytime telephone number where we can reach you during working hours.
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Big Savings on Accessories
when shipped with your Cyclone Rake

Cyclone Rake full-machine shipments are delivered by motor freight. Your one-price shipping cost in the table to the right includes all accessories and upgrades ordered with your machine, if shipped to the contiguous 48 United States. There is no sales tax unless shipped to a Connecticut address or picked up.

You can always order accessories later, but shipping charges can be substantial, since they need to be shipped by parcel carrier as an additional aftermarket order. To see how much you can save, click here.

Cyclone Rake Shipping Rates
ZIP codes
starting with:
Any Cyclone Rake plus all PRO upgrades and accessories

Alaska, Hawaii and Canada customers, please call for rates.

To book your order, indicate the Cyclone Rake model with the desired PRO Upgrades and accessories, then complete and submit this web form. Accessories shipped with your Cyclone Rake are shipped with no extra shipping charges.
  Item # Description Price Shipping Total
  111 Cyclone Rake XL $1,745.00 $189.00 $1934.00
PRO Upgrades
upgrade Tuff-Pro Urethane Hose
for mower deck
FREE no charge*  
upgrade Dual-Pro Super Wheels
add $99.00 no charge* $0.00
upgrade Blue Diamond Steel Liner add $49.50 no charge* $0.00
235 Estate Vacuum
(32 feet)
$325.00 no charge* $0.00
upgrade Tuff-Pro Urethane Hose
for item 235
add $150.00 no charge* $0.00
234 Power Vacuum Pickup
(17 feet)
$235.00 no charge* $0.00
upgrade Tuff-Pro Urethane Hose
for item 234
add $75.00 no charge* $0.00
236 Power Unloader $225.00 no charge* $0.00
upgrade Tuff-Pro Urethane Hose
for item 236
add $75.00 no charge* $0.00
231 Engine Maintenance Kit $39.50 no charge* $0.00
221 Roof Rack Carrier $49.00 no charge* $0.00
205 Wall Mount Kit $19.50 no charge* $0.00
208T 3-Point Hitch Adapter
(price may vary for custom hitches)
$79.00 no charge* $0.00
240 Mower Deck Adapter
$79.50 no charge* $0.00
218 3rd Wheel Jack Stand $79.50 no charge* $0.00
244 Cyclone Master Power Lifter $249.00 no charge* $0.00
245 Cyclone Mate Power Lifter $189.00 no charge* $0.00
249 Weather Defender Outdoor Cover $69.00 no charge* $0.00

An installation technician will telephone you during regular business hours to finalize your order. Submission of this form does not obligate you to purchase and no payment information should be submitted at this time. Prices valid until January 30, 2015.

* All accessories and upgrades ordered with your Cyclone Rake are shipped with no additional shipping costs to the contiguous 48 states only. International orders, please call for shipping information.

** Your total price may vary based on the hitch required for your mower. Our installation technician will let you know the best hitch for your mower type.

Total, Merchandise & Shipping $1934.00
CT Residents/Pick-ups:
add 6.35% CT tax
TOTAL** $1934.00