Cyclone Rake Mower Deck adapter

Convenient Protection
from the Elements

If you want to leave your Cyclone Rake outdoors for easy access during busy seasons, our Weather Defender is a great answer. It’s made from an advanced sun and UV-proof outdoor polymerlaminate fabric that can resist fading or cracking because the color is molded directly into the fibers — not dyed like ordinary materials. It’s then chemically processed at high temperature with advanced fluoropolymer weatherproofing for added protection. It shrugs off the worst that nature can deliver.

Weather Defender Outdoor Cover...............$69.00

The Cyclone Rake MDA delivers the best vacuum fit and performance

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Weather Defender Photo Gallery: (Click any image for a larger version)

Cyclone Rake outdoor protection

Protect your investment from the elements with the Weather Defender outdoor cover.

Fits all Cyclone Rakes

Slips over any Cyclone Rake in seconds and is secured with heavy-duty velcro straps.

Woven from waterproof material

Woven from a completely waterproof, UV proof material that will not rot or fade.

Convenient outdoor storage

Perfect for convenient outdoor storage in the busy season.