Cyclone Rake Reviews

Here are just a few more of the many letters sent to us from Cyclone Rake owners.

Fall cleanup with a Cyclone Rake Norm F
Sal B. with Cyclone Rake

"Before I owned a Cyclone Rake, I used to struggle weekend after weekend trying
to clear my yard out. It was a really tough and laborious job. Now a job that used to take me hours can be done in less than an hour with my Cyclone Rake."

"It's actually kind of fun to watch the leaves disappear into the Cyclone Rake."

— Norm F. in Woodbridge, CT

"It used to take me three or four hours of hard work to clear my yard with a rake. Now with my Cyclone Rake, I can do the whole job in an hour. The Cyclone Rake gives me more time and has taken a load off my back. No more wear and tear on my muscles."

"You couldn't ask for a better machine. I would recommend it to anybody."

— Sal B. in Middletown, CT

“We mowed our seven acres and only had to empty two times
and the yard looks fabulous.”

"We love our Cyclone Rake! We mowed our seven acres and only had to empty two times and the yard looks fabulous. Also, we only filled the gas once. Thank You."

— Theodore T. in Richmond, MI

Fall cleanup with a Cyclone Rake Louann B

“The best piece of outdoor equipment we have ever purchased”

"I must tell you, this machine is the best piece of outdoor equipment we have ever purchased. I used to loathe Fall and now… I love it! I have a smile on my face when I see the leaves fall. Your product is wonderful."

— Louann B. in Richfield, OH

Cyclone Rake Commercial Pro Joe C

“Every component is heavy-duty, the quality is exceptional”

"Your Cyclone Rake is everything I had hoped for and beyond. Every component is heavy-duty, the quality is exceptional and the assembly instructions were very easy. Thank you for making my life easier and more fun."

— Joe C. in Apex, NC


“I love this thing!”

"This is my 4th year using my Cyclone Rake. Every time I use it, I want to run inside and send you guys a testimonial. I love this thing! Three of us used to spend every weekend (full days) for over two months removing leaves from my yard. It is a modest acre, but I have 43 mature shade trees, and I am down-hill and down-wind from several of my neighbors, so I wind up with many more than just my own leaves."

"Now I do the whole yard in about 2 hours, maybe 4 times all fall. I thank you much!"

— Kevin J. in Pennington, NJ

“I was able to do in one day what would have normally taken several days by hand with a manual rake. Plus, I have the mulch.”

— Dave B. in Star City, AR

“I was able to store it in half the space”

"Easy to hook up, easy to maneuver, and easy to dump. I was able to fold it up and store it in half the space of my previous lawn vacuum. I would recommend the Cyclone Rake to anyone."

— Dave D. in Sanbornton, NH

“Congratulations on a well thought-out design”

"The Cyclone Rake is better than I ever expected… My neighbor has a different vacuum attachment that does not easily fold up… He has to leave one car out of his garage during the fall season to store his vacuum… Congratulations on a well thought out design".

— Larry M. in Merriville, IN

“Everything worked fantastic. The engine started first pull. Love the product”

— Rick R. in Manitowoc, WI

“One of the best investments I have
ever made”

"One of the best investments I have ever made. The thought and workmanship that went into the Cyclone Rake speaks for itself and your sales and customer service are outstanding."

— Anthony L. in Newton Square, PA

“The Cyclone Rake is worth its weight in gold when the leaves start falling and in the spring during cleanup”

— Kevin K. in Buckingham, PA

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