Cyclone Rake Mower Deck adapter

Double the Load Carrying
Capacity for Greater Control and Lawn Protection

Tough, rugged Dual-PRO Super Wheels are built with plenty of muscle for the heaviest loads. But they’re also the kindest on lawns. These "gentle giants" are perfect for people with wet or sandy soil conditions.

Constructed from extra heavy gauge steel with massive trunnion bearings, Dual-PRO Super Wheels are built for years of trouble-free service.

Dual-PRO Super Wheels were designed for the larger capacity of the Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO, XL or Z-10 models, but are available for all Cyclone Rake models. They are also highly recommended for commercial users.

Dual-PRO Super Wheels..................................$149
Ordered with a Cyclone Rake...................$99

Dual-PRO Super Wheels have twice the load carrying capacity of our standard wheels
Big Savings When You Order
With Your Cyclone Rake
If you order Dual-PRO Super Wheels with your Cyclone Rake, you only pay $99.00. It’s a lot less expensive than buying them later. It’s one added investment you ought to consider if you're planning to give your machine a real workout.

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Dual PRO wheels connect in seconds without tools

Dual-PRO Super Wheels attach to any Cyclone Rake without tools

Twice the load carrying capacity and contact area

Twice the contact area for the best lawn protection and control

Maximum lawn protection in wet or sandy conditions

Dual-PRO wheels protect the lawn from ruts or damage if working in wet conditions

Great for soft or sandy areas too

Dual-PRO wheels provide excellent control with heavy collector loads