Makes Unloading Lawn Debris as Easy as Lifting the Power Windows in Your Car

Powerful electric actuator raises the heaviest loads with no work at all.

Self-contained deep cycle storage battery requires no electrical connection to your mower. Eliminates the trouble and risk of connecting to your mower’s electrical system. Handles up to 40 loads on a single charge.

Solid steel construction with anodized aluminum
power shaft.

Includes processor-controlled intelligent charger that provides rapid battery charging, then a gradual taper charge for perfect battery conditioning.

Cyclone Mate Power Lifter

Cyclone Mate Power Lifter for easy unloading at the push of a button

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Unload the collector with the push of a button

Unload the Cyclone Rake collector with no lifting at all

Plenty of power for any Cyclone Rake collector

Plenty of power to easily lift even the 415 gallon Cyclone Rake XL

Push to button to lift...

Push button controls eliminate the strain of lifitng a heavy collector to empty

...and drive away to empty

Enough power to handle 25 to 40 loads of debris on a single, fully charged battery