For small properties, leaf cleanup and clearing other yard debris manually with a rake or a hand held blower is pretty easy stuff. But if you have to clear a larger property or heavy leaf cover, you know that rakes and blowers just don't get you where you want to be. In fact, you've probably spent too many long weekends struggling to get the debris picked up each and every year. 



We'd like to say we had this all figured out from the start. But the truth is, when the Cyclone Rake was born 17 years ago, all we really knew was that we wanted to build the highest quality and best product for leaf and lawn care. And like all great products, that overarching commitment is what set us down the path to consistent improvement and a relentless pursuit of getting it right.

Are we all the way there? Well, we always think there's room for improvement so we keep on pushing forward. But we do think we have created a really impressive list of features that separate the Cyclone Rake from all other products and we invite you to stack ours up against any other product to see how we compare. From ease of use to storage to absolute performance, we think you'll see that for your job, the Cyclone Rake is the best product.



With the Cyclone Rake's Risk-Free Trial, you've got nothing to lose. Except for the hard work.