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Bag Your Debris as You Drive

The Cyclone Rake Power Bagger accessory fits neatly inside the Cyclone Rake® collector and divides your debris into 6 easily-managed containers. You can line them with lawn bags or use them alone.

It's also a great way to collect garden mulch. The convenient containers make it easy to spread the mulch where you want it. When you're done, the containers fold flat and come with their own poylmer storage case.

Power Bagger...............................................$149.00

Cyclone Rake Power Bagger System

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Easy to carry polymer containers

Separate leaves and other debris in to six easy to carry containers

Remove debris and dump it into lawn bags or around the property

Clippings or mulch can be loaded into lawn bags or composted

Power Bagger Containers fit neatly inside the collector to distribute the debris

Remove the containers and use the mulched debris all around the property

Mulched leaves make great compost for the garden

Because the leaves are mulched, they decompose into topsoil much faster